Armor Bearers OK Chapter

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Church Services 

Being a Biker Friendly church and a new thing in McCurtain County, we do not wish to "steal" members of other churches.  So to begin with we will have Sunday Services at 3:00 PM and Tuesday Night Services at 6:30 PM.  Once again we do not wish to take members from other churches, although they are welcome to attend.

 God has led you here and we pray you will take some time to see why He has you here, right now, this very moment.  I can assure you it isn't by accident.  We are Bikers driven by the Word of God.  Bikers and God, it's not really a new concept.  But people usually don't associate the two.  They see a Biker and the normal connection is not of a Christian nature.  But this is who and what we are, Bikers that love and serve God.  Our sincere desire is to bring Glory and Honor to His mighty name.  

John 3:16
16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Jesus paid the ultimate price on the Cross for my sins, and yours.  Don't you think that deserves a moment of your time to see what you could do for Him in return?  

I can assure you this, if you give Jesus a minute He can change your life in ways you could never begin to imagine.

Non Conventional 

There is a segment of American society that has been overlooked by conventional churches, that is the Biker community.

 We live in non-conventional times and our spiritual enemies require non-conventional methods. Our spiritual enemies take their orders from the most evil, cruel and perverse dictator of all time. He is the enemy of our souls, Satan himself. This ministry God has placed me in is not for the faint of heart but for spiritual warriors who are dedicated, committed and fearless. We take our Rescue Missions all the way to the very gates of Hell. In obedience to the Great Commission, we will go anywhere to reach even one soul (Mark 16:15). There is an “Unreached Group" - the world of the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. That is where I am called to go. These people will only enter a church for a funeral of a fallen brother. So I and others like me use our scooters and our love of the open road to reach these who main line denominations have shunned.

The  2% Patch

After extensive examination as to the hundreds of Christian Motorcycle Ministries (MM) and Christian Motorcycle Clubs (MC) throughout the United States and around the world the unanimous decision is that there are only 2% actually doing what they say they are doing.

There is a large number of them wearing a patch and only witnessing to a select few and NOT fulfilling ALL of the great commission and not walking out Mark 16:15.

So henceforth the 2% patch was designed.  It is similar to the 1% diamond  but reflects the true heart and call of those that are walking the walk as the Holy Bible lays out for us to do.  It is not to be misconstrued as having the same meaning as the 1% ers.

We serve the Lord Jesus Christ and that is all.

The 2% er patch has been approved by many agencies and organizations world wide.